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Wisdom is priceless

Weekend retreats, whether a spa hotel mini-break or letting your hair down at a music festival, don’t come cheap! To escape the hustle and bustle of busy, everyday 21st century life, you would ordinarily be looking to spend at least a few hundred pounds… and then some. It’s a big outlay, particularly when you include accommodation costs and extras for entertainment.

What if we told you that for less than just over £40 per day (YES, you read that correctly!) you can have full access to what can only be described as a three and a half day retreat and festival combined?

That’s right, for just over £40 per day, for three nights and three and a half days you can retreat from the fast-paced stress and pressure of the modern world and immerse yourself in the most beautiful natural surroundings that include chill-out zones, a natural lake, and standard facilities that (quite frankly) rival those available when glamping elsewhere!

Not only that… for just over £40 per day you will have three and a half days to access the most revered collection of teachers and practitioners in traditional yoga, meditation and wisdom. Every day, you will have a choice of 8-10 Yoga Asana Classes as well as 8-10 spoken classes / discussions on a whole range of subjects that cover all aspects of philosophy, psychology, spirituality as well as physical health and well-being. As if that wasn’t enough (yes there is more!) every evening there will be musical performances and dancing, all included in the cost of your ticket.

So, to summarise, for the early-bird price of only £146.45 (broken down to £41.84 per day)

  • 3.5 days and up to four nights of festival access including camping

  • Premium facilities in beautiful natural surroundings

  • Access to 8-10 asana yoga classes per day

  • Access to up to 8-10 spoken classes / knowledge discussions per day

  • 3 nights of musical entertainment & dancing

  • An infinite wealth of experience to treasure forever​

Money can’t buy happiness, and wisdom is most definitely a priceless treasure, so why not take a few days out of your crazy schedules and (without spending a small fortune), retreat with us, choose your own schedule for the weekend and enjoy a little of both?

We look forward to seeing you there!

A full weekend pass for the World Yoga Festival is currently £146.45 / £41.84 per day at the early-bird price - book now:

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