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The wisdom traditions of the East describe the world as made of five elements Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. In their subtle form (imperceptible to senses), they are collectively responsible for our Mind and our Prana (Life forces) and in their physical form, they are responsible for all matter in the universe including our bodies.


The World Yoga Festival logo celebrates the wholeness of the Universe (both seen and unseen) by symbolising the four elements as contained in space. Our meditative gratitude to the power and harmony required to keep the universe in balance is the essence of this festival.

Space – the subtlest of all elements, is associated with sound.



Air – associated with touch plus sound inherited from space.



Fire – associated with sight plus sound and touch inherited from Air. Since fire is the first form that we can perceive, it has often been the primary focus of worship throughout the world.



Water – associated with taste plus sound, touch, and sight inherited from fire. Water is tasteless, the reference point for all other flavours.



Earth – associated with smell plus sound, touch, sight and taste inherited from water.



Our bodies occupy space and we breath air to oxygenate every cell in our body. Heat is an essential component of life and we are mostly comprised of water. Our very raw material comes from the elements of the earth. We live and breathe because of the five elements and through them we are all connected.







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