Chaatit - Mumbai street food
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Chaatit literally means 'lick it' or in a broader context, 'finger licking food’ and is specially designed fast food for Mumbaikars traveling, working or just chilling out. The essence here is of taste which has now spread across the country. And now it has arrived in the UK, 'straight from the streets of Mumbai', to challenge your taste buds!


It is often assumed that if you are a vegetarian then you have limited options to eat. India is a country where majority of the population is vegetarian. The variety of options is infinite and still growing. The masala used in various dishes is different in every way and therefore no one dish is the same. Indians often adopt dishes from different cultures and give it their own identity by adding certain masala by tempering or infusion. This provides quick and tasty meal for all to consume. There are no etiquettes in eating street food. So just be yourself and try our fabulous culinary street food which immediately takes you to the streets of India.

Hidden Pizza
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Hidden Pizza have been serving gorgeous wood-fired pizzas at festivals since 2014. They will be serving award winning pizzas, signature breakfast flatbreads and a range of sweet treats! Their menu is fully inclusive with options for all dietary requirements.


Passion4Juice will be based in the Chai Tent and will be offering 100% freshly pressed juices, smoothies, raw vegan snacks, bliss balls and wraps, waffles, speciality teas, espresso coffee and chai.


"We deliver taste sensations, energy and nutrition, no compromises. Fresh, raw, cold pressed and made to order. We do it the hard way - fruit and veg, prepared before your very eyes. The team are experts in nutritional healing. We are organic where ever possible and support as many local growers in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire and Bristol. All our products are made with love, care and attention to high energy and nutrition.


There are sugar free, vegan, raw, dairy free, grain free options on the menu, designed to cater for many special diets. The entire menu is hydrating, energising and dense in nutrients.”

Gully UK
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Gully UK is all about the ultimate Indian street food experience, customised to meet your unique tastes.


Founded by father and son duo, Sudhir and Avi, Gully strives to match the culinary techniques used by their family, for generations, with the palette of modern British society. Their aim is to combine the spices, aromas, and flavours of North Indian cuisine, with a state-of-the-art truck to deliver the ultimate street food experience on British streets. Since Gully’s launch in 2019 – the journey has been exhilarating  – including being a Finalist at the British Street Food Awards in 2020, selected by Selfridges for their inaugural Christmas Market in 2020 and being interviewed on BBC Radio London for their rise in the street food scene.

Lickety Split
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Lickety Split are a super-friendly company selling delicious 100% vegan gelato from their custom-made trike. Using the traditional Italian method, slowly churned for a rich and decadent flavour and creamy texture, it's a proper treat!

Cub Coffee
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Welcome to Cub Coffee, a vegan mobile coffee company based in the UK. 


Cub Coffee's mission is to bring the highest quality, speciality, plant-based coffee. You don't need to be vegan to enjoy their menu, they guarantee they can make you a drink equally, if not more delicious than your usual coffee. 


They choose not to serve cow's milk, as they believe plant-based milks offer more taste and variety whilst being more environmentally friendly. Cub Coffee is great for your tastebuds, planet, and conscience!

Amrutha Lounge
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Innovative plant-based dishes and heart-warming classics are lovingly prepared by the Amrutha chefs on a daily basis. The food is made from scratch with an emphasis on taking simple ingredients and elevating them to extraordinary levels, that’s their version of ‘Vegan Soul Food’. Amrutha aims to work with local suppliers and small businesses, sourcing organic ingredients, whenever possible as they feel this will benefit everyone in the long run.

Four Elements
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Four Elements are passionate about delivering amazing food. They work closely with farmers to bring the best local and sustainable produce to every dish they serve. Their team is highly experienced and well travelled with 45 years of experience.


Why Four Elements? The Four Elements are important on two levels. To chefs they provide all the tools required to keep you satisfied and they also inspire them to work in an ethical and responsible way. Ingredients are sourced from land, sea and air, all cooked over fire.