As a festival, we are conscious of our carbon footprint and attempt to limit this in as many ways as possible. Here are some of the ways in which we do this.


Waste management


We use Grist Environmental who collect and then hand-sort all waste at their own processing plant - this means that the bales are not contaminated and can be sent for effective recycling. Their values are to send everything possible for recycling, regardless of the potential loss of income generated by doing so.


Water and plastic bottles


We encourage visitors to bring their own water bottle which can be re-filled at the free taps in the main arena and campsite.


Food & drink


We only allow 100% vegetarian food to be sold by caterers who have strong ethical values.




We use Camplight who provide pre-pitched tents for visitors to hire - their stock of tents tents have been recycled from abandoned camping gear at festival sites across the UK.



We use GoCarShare who enable visitors to request and advertise spare seats in cars that may be journeying to/from World Yoga Festival. We also operate a free minivan shuttle which runs to/from the local train station to encourage the use of public transport.




We re-use infrastructure wherever possible, including carpets, décor and signage. Almost all is hired or stored locally wherever possible between uses.







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