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World Yoga Festival is hosted by ARSHAKULA FOUNDATION. UK Registered Charity No. 1171708

Our Inspiration

Swami Dayananda Saraswati

We take our inspiration and direction from Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati and the other great masters of the authentic Yoga traditions. 


We seek the blessing of the great masters to perpetuate the priceless ​knowledge they showered on us all.Their legacy lives on.

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Sonali is the heart of the World Yoga Festival. To her, everything needs to ‘feel’ right not just look right. She sees beneath what others see, and balances the energies of the seen and the unseen in perfect union to create a holistic experience. A skilful Reiki master, she has studied many of the Eastern wisdom traditions.


If Sonali is the heart, then Ram is the head of the World Yoga Festival. A computer scientist by training who is continuously surprised by the meticulous logic of the ancient Yoga traditions of posture, meditation and wisdom. He runs classes on Vedanta and has one of those voices that put people to sleep in guided meditations!

Our Team

World Yoga Festival_cristina.jpg


Cristina takes care of marketing, social media and PR for the World Yoga Festival. She brings to us lots of experience working with events and festivals across the country, where she advised them on many aspects from marketing and social media, to gate management and ticketing! She has been a freelance consultant for the last five years working with small, independent, mostly arts-based organisations and loves the energy and excitement of live events.

Sian Day.jpg


Sian was a regular volunteer at World Yoga Festival and now works as Co-ordinator to help manage the volunteer team. She loves how it feels like a big family and feels privileged to work with such a fantastic group of people! A huge fan of gong baths when she gets some time off at the Festival, she usually resides on a smallholding in Yorkshire where she learns about sustainable land management practices aiming to enhance biodiversity. Her background is in the charity sector in fundraising and communications - she’s also a belly-dancer which she teaches in her spare time!

Ellen Clinch.jpg


Ellen is a qualified Primary School teacher with specialist training in child, special needs and teen yoga. 

After teaching yoga at a children's refugee camp in Dunkirk, Ellen went on to complete Special Yoga training for children with ADHD and Autism. 

She is trained in Teen Yoga and works in a secondary school Autistic Unit, teaching pupils in one-to-one sessions.

The World Yoga Festival has been instrumental for Ellen’s growth and passion for yoga



Will has been with us from the first festival in 2016 and is invaluable in festival operations. Car Park operations is his speciality.



Krishna takes care of Arshakula and Yoga Festival Websites. She is also a very passionate dancer and finds it the best way to relax. World Yoga Festival has been a great inspiration for her to stay close to her roots and culture



Robert has been a friend of the festival right from the start.

He is the ‘go to’ person when there are problems to solve.

He can turn his hand to any task from head of IT sorting out the Internet and payment machines to artist liaison making making sure that the performers are happy.

A truly flexible member of the team and a great asset.

Priya Banerjee.jpg


When not leading the charge on tent decoration and bunting at the festival, Priya is a versatile resource and can turn her hand to anything from drawing the festival map to advising on festival layout and content.







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