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World Yoga Festival 2020 Updates

Dear friends, It is with great sadness that we announce the postponement of World Yoga Festival 2020 until summer 2021.

We have been sitting tight until now in the hope that our small but beautifully formed festival would be able to run as expected at the end of July. However, with every day that passes it is becoming increasingly obvious that running the festival to the usual high standard wouldn’t be possible. With many of the masters unable to travel from overseas, the programme would have had to be compromised far too much this year. We also have to put the safety of our visitors, team, teachers and partners first. Who could have predicted this? It is as if the universe is telling us to pause and reflect on our attitude towards her. To take a deep breath and spend the time filling up our hearts with love. Although the majority of us will experience hardship, that same love will bind us together like a beautiful flower garland. We will emerge from this as more loving human beings, stronger than ever, and more determined than before. WYF tribe, let’s hold our virtual hands for now and send love towards every sentient being who is with us now and who is sadly not. Please believe that together, our love can heal us all. We have not sold any tickets since the emergency was announced, and due to unrecoverable deposits and service fees already paid, the festival has taken a serious financial blow this year. We salute the Government’s business support during this crisis, but sadly none of these initiatives are available to us. We ask that you help us to continue our mission to bring the most authentic Yoga and Vedanta teachers to the west by holding onto your ticket for 2021. The provisional dates for next year are 29 July – 1 August 2021. We understand the impact that Covid-19 has had on everyone’s personal circumstances. In the face of unprecedented adversity, we have been heartened to see the warmth and support in our attendees through our social media and newsletter communities. This is how we choose to behave in the face of adversity – with kindness, understanding, and compassion. We couldn’t be prouder of you. We have decided to launch a series of online Sunday afternoon sessions, made possible by the generosity of our selfless teachers. We hope that as a community, we can continue to offer a place of solace and warmth even when we can’t meet in person. Ram will also be starting a new Vedanta for Beginners course to support those who need this at this most critical of times. Any donations and proceeds from these classes will go directly towards maintaining the festival. For anyone who is financially unable to hold onto their entry ticket for 2021, we understand your position completely, and we will honour all refund requests minus an admin fee. Although we have not yet confirmed ticket prices for next year, they are likely to increase, so if you can hold onto your ticket for next year, please do so as we would love to see you next year. For any caterers, stallholders or volunteers reading - thank you so much for your support! Your deposits will also be carried over to 2021 with no price rises. If we can support you in any way by using our platform to promote you, please get in touch. At times like these, we need to stand together. Take care of yourselves and those close to you – call each other, support each other, stay positive, and keep smiling. We will meet again next year, and what a celebration it will be! With love, Ram & Sonali

Please note: Requests for refunds are open until 31st May 2020.

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