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The official World Yoga Festival prize draw!

Many of you have been kind enough to make a donation to Arsha Kula Foundation (the charity behind World Yoga Festival) when you booked your ticket to this year’s festival. As a thank you, we will enter your name into our raffle with a separate 'ticket' for each £1 donated. The draw will begin 1 July 2019 and include raffle tickets for all donations made before then. So if you love what we do and want to support us with a donation, you still have time. Donations can be made at any time whether you have already purchased your ticket or not. Make your festival experience that little bit more luxurious and at the same time and help us ensure its long term success.

The wonderful prizes have been donated by generous exhibitors and healers who will be in attendance this year. Prizes include:

1x fully furnished bell tent for 4 people from Red Sky Tent Company

2x hot tub sessions from Wonderlandia

5x 'Om Power' t-shirts from the Teen Yoga Foundation

6x pairs of kids yoga leggings from Colourflow Activewear

1x back neck & shoulder massage (Sunday) from Naturally Radiant Wellbeing

4x juicing recipe recipe books from Passion4Juice

1x kinetic chain release treatment from ReBalanceYourself

1x Yogi Tonic & 1x Fire Tonic from Real Remedies

1x retro print yoga mat bag and 1x retro print eye pillow from Complete Unity Yoga

1x reiki treatment or Hopi Candle treatment from Kim Allyson

1x framed crown chakra linocut print with a crown chakra mala from Tingsha

1x vegan eco-friendly lip balm from Floating Feather

2x family day tickets (one with £10 to spend in the shop, and one with £25 food voucher for the restaurant) for Beale Park

With many more to be announced! Donate now

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