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The Power Of Thought

My little journey

How did I come here? Yes, I also find myself surprised when I feel that the Grace is using me as a vehicle to bring about the opportunity of a World Yoga Festival to bring together awe-inspiring masters from all around the world to this ONE place.

Often when I sit in silence, I ask the question "Why me? Why did you choose me to undertake this wonderful project?" One day the answers came, "Don’t you remember the last few years when you asked to gather together like-minded, beautiful souls in one place, and through great masters bring the knowledge of Everlasting Happiness?" My quivering voice said, "Yes I did".

"When you saw suffering, didn’t you want to hold those people close and love them, reassure them silently that one day you will try to line up those great masters who will able to explain and bring a smile on every lovely seeker’s face and give them the opportunity to listen, to meditate, to contemplate...?" At that moment, and with a very big smile, I answered "Yes, yes...I did."

"These strong thoughts have brought you here...". I bowed my head and said softly, "I accept."

How did it start?

Just over a year ago, Ram and I were in the car travelling from Cambridge to London, with our beloved Swamiji in the front seat. He was looking at the beautiful countryside that only an English summer can offer and out of the blue he said, "What we need here is an authentic yoga festival! All those Yogis need to know and understand the true meaning of yoga."

At that very first moment, my heart jumped and said, "YES" but then my mind took over and fear came in. Wow, that would be such an enormous undertaking! Who would have known that by the time we arrived home, in my organised husband’s mind a plan was already formulating?

We then sat down with pen and paper and before I knew it, the ball was already rolling. Grace was flowing to line up the great masters, find the venue and begin our journey.

Between us we do have the understanding that if anything seems too hard then it is not meant to be. So we stop paddling and allow the current of Grace to flow and take us where we need to be! For this festival we have the sensation that we are not paddling; it is just happening through us.

Contacts are coming in, lovely souls reaching out to help…. We are just observing and patiently waiting for the manifestation of this beautiful play just as the dawn breaks and the magnificent flowers comes out from their shyness and show their full glory!

We are the flowers of the festival and the masters are the morning Sun. Lets join our hands and spread our loving essence and colour the festival ground with love. Without the flowers, the sun will only shine but there will be nothing to shine upon. Yet, without the sun, flowers will wither and die.

We truly need each become morning glory.

Join us on our journey at World Yoga Festival, 29th-31st July 2016. Book your tickets here.

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