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Healing Through Gong

Sheila Whittaker - a classically trained musician, sound healer and teacher who in recent years has specialised in using large high quality gongs for her hugely popular gong bath workshops every day at World Yoga Festival.

In this second blog post, she discusses the effect of the gong and the intention with which it should be used to heal.


The Gong Space is a very powerful therapeutic space - still, silent and peaceful - a haven of tranquillity in a busy world. The gongs spread their healing vibes wherever they are. Any location where the gongs are set up and used becomes a sacred space. The gongs – ancient sacred healing instruments – make it so. They have a presence, which can be felt by those who are sensitive. In fact, the whole Universe is a sacred space, if we did but realise it. Merely to be here on earth now is an enormous privilege at this time of transition from the more materialistic Piscean age to the spiritually enlightened Aquarian age which is dawning now and will unfold fully in the years to come. This will bring about the raising of the energy vibration of the earth and her people back to a level where Love prevails. And to be doing this wonderful healing work with the gongs at this time is a huge blessing, both for ourselves and for the world at large.


The gongs spread their vibrations both here on the physical plane, and also in other finer dimensions, where their higher and lower sounds are beyond our human hearing. The gongs work on all aspects of our being : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The rich layers of sound which emanate from the well-played gong affect every part of us, including the non-physical subtle energy bodies of the human auric field which are layered around the physical body that we can see in 3D. It is said that dis-ease begins in the subtle energy body, and only migrates to the physical after some time. Therefore if we can remove blockages, imbalances and stagnant energy in the energy body before it manifests in the physical, we can prevent illness and keep ourselves healthy, as well as re-tuning and harmonising every part of our physical being. On the emotional level, the gong sounds have a clearing effect and help to shift old patterns and bring up and clear out old emotional issues and trauma, so that we can move on. Mentally, the gong sounds help to move our focus from the logical left brain into the creative right side of the brain, where we connect with our intuitive power and receive guidance from that central source. Most people feel extremely relaxed and de-stressed after a gongbath session, whether in a group situation or one-to-one. The gong sounds alter our brainwaves and take us automatically into a meditative state where we can re-connect with the stillness and peace that is at the core of our being. Some people just have a very peaceful experience and feel re-energised and re-charged. Others go more deeply and may have visions or past life experiences. Some people have profound healing experiences. Others sleep through the whole gongbath! Every gongbath is an individual experience depending on where the individual is in their journey through life, and the sounds produced are entirely right for whoever is present at the time.


My intention when playing the gongs is that the sounds which come forth are always for the Highest good of all who are present. It is important to have the right intention when playing an instrument of great power like the gong. When played expertly in the right way, these powerful gong sounds are used for healing on all levels, stress relief, relaxation, meditation and spiritual growth.

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Book your weekend ticket now:

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