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Ashok Dass - Pamper Massage

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Services we offer
> Relaxing
> Deep tissue
> Indian head massage
> Trigger poi11t n1assage
> Raynor massage

From a young age, I have believed in the magical healing properties of
touch. But it wasn't until I became a cosmetologist that I realised I
Myself possessed healing powers that helped clients de-stress and
re1ax. When I discovered my abilities to pass along a positive and
uplifting energy to my clients, I knew I wanted to pursue the study of
healing therapies to sharpen my skills and touch as many lives as

My journey to becoming a massage practitioner is one that continues
to grow and develop to this very day. I received a diploma from
Hammersmith and West London college as an Indian head massage
practitioner in 2001, after which I spent many years practicing
massage therapy. Helping clients relieve pain and-better their minds
and bodies has been the most rewarding part of my career.

While practicing massage therapy, I have continuously been
expanding my knowledge and learning about different massage
therapy methodologies and traditions from around the world. I have
completed courses in traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage,
Ayurvedic foot reflexology, and I'm currently studying trigger point

My path towards becoming a more holistic and accommodating
massage therapist is all so I can provide a better experience for my
loyal and valued clients. I provide customised massages to every one of
my clients so they can leave feeling lighter and n1ore refreshed after
seeing me. I hope to continue using my healing powers co improve
people's lives and wellbeing.

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