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Kimberley Soni
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As an avid cook, and an Ayurveda obsessionist, Kimberley Soni has combined these two passions in her food. She believes in using food as a medicine, and sourcing local seasonal produce to enable nature to be a guide in terms of health and well-being. Kimberley has travelled to India to learn from the most authentic Ayurvedic teachers that she could find, and has trained as a chef in the UK. However, her love of food goes back to when she was young. Her nana (‘Bibiji’) inspired her to cook when she tasted her wonderful food - full of flavour and soul! She loved observing her masterfully cooking in her little tiny kitchen in India and hopes that her food contains the same soul and love that hers did.


Kimberley will be leading cooking demonstrations that reflect Ayurvedic principles to food and its preparation. These demonstrations will follow on from the Ayurvedic talks given by Dr Parthasharathy - a renowned and award winning Ayurvedic doctor - which will highlight the principles of Ayurveda as it applies to our lives including food preparation and consumption. Much of this knowledge rarely comes to the UK. After the festival you should become well conversant with the principles of Ayurveda and how to utilise its wisdom for your personal health and well being. If you have an interest in health and wellness and wanted to hear the wisdom of ancient sages on this topic, this is a unique opportunity to learn from the very best.

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