Dr  Parthsharathy

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Dr. Parthasarathy is a practicing Ayurveda “Vaidya” (physician) currently unfolding the vision of Pujya swami Dayananda Saraswathi, Anaikatti, as the Chief Medical Officer. Responsible for unfolding the vision to give its realistic shape Dr. Parthasarathy, along with his partner Dr Sarinya Parthasarathy, has been closely involved with shaping this Temple of Arsha Ayurveda on the lines of authenticity and pragmatism. They are very keen to convey the sanctity of Ayurveda through their work with a range of “rogis” (patients).

Dr. Parthasarathy completed his 5 and a half year course from the Ayurveda College, Coimbatore affiliated to Dr MGR Medical university, Chennai and then completed a short term Post Graduation Certificate course in Good Clinical Practices course from FRLHT-IAIM,Bangalore with a second rank.

Prior to taking over this mission at SDJ, Dr. Parthasarathy was engaged with a well-known, reputed Ayurveda Institution, Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, and was the key person-in-charge of its Training Academy and the Branch hospital, located in Mankarai, Coimbatore.

Ayurveda is a section of the Vedas, which is Arsha - meaning “from the Rishis”. These scriptures are in Devanagari script, and hence knowledge of Sanskrit not just as a language but to interpret the science augments the scope and strength of any Vaidya. Thus, Dr. Parthasarathy has completed a Certificate course in “Prathama Deeksha” in Sanskrit, from Rastriya Sanskritha Sansthan , New Delhi which makes him a fluent converser in Sanskrit too - in addition to Tamil, English and Malayalam.

Dr Parthasarathy has pulled together a range of exposure from managing a 50 bedded hospital, to organizing & conducting various national, International programs in collaboration with organizations in Brazil, Argentina, USA, Chile, Switzerland as a Course Director and Course Coordinator to being invited to talk on Ayurveda across India and overseas. With a prestigious title of “Illustrous Guest" honoured by the National University of Medicine, Rosario, Argentina (Facultad de Ciencias Médicas-UNR), Dr Parthasarathy is committed to widespread the spirit of Ayurveda and reach it to the soul! He was honoured with this title after delivering a 7 day workshop for 151 medical professionals in the University. It is a prestigious title which was given only to few selected people including few Nobel Prize winners in the 95 year old history of the University.

Dr Parthasarathy, as a Course Director was closely engaged with Barathiyar University, directing a Diploma program for Health Care assistance approved by the university and was also into varous social welfare activities like conducting various training workshops , preparing the project and setting up, the first of its kind, an Ayurveda First Aid Kit for the rural folks which shows his commitment to the vision of Ayurveda, amplifying the confidence and trust in the people he treats.