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Donna Noble
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The brilliant Donna Noble embodies many roles — yoga teacher, author, wellbeing coach, activist, educator — and she is equally authentic in all of them. She has built a reputation as one of the UK’s foremost Body Positive yoga teachers and is also increasingly recognised as a leading activist within the yoga and well-being world, challenging spaces to become more diverse and inclusive. She co-created the UK’s first-ever Black Wellness and Fitness festival in 2020 and was one of the first British proponents of Body Positive yoga — her book, Teaching Body Positive Yoga is one of the few available on the subject. 


For over 20 years, Noble worked in the corporate sector. The stress of her job, and the resulting lack of balance in her life, led to her developing Bell’s Palsy. Forced to listen to her body and slow down, she then witnessed her body heal itself naturally, which led her to deepen her yoga practice. Inspired by the positive transformation that it brought to her life, and witnessing the invisibility of certain groups in yoga and well-being spaces, Noble began teaching in 2010 and later travelled to America to train as a hot yoga teacher. She eventually quit the corporate world and embraced full-time teaching, creating the groundbreaking Curvesomeyoga class in 2015. 


In recent years, Noble’s work has grown to encompass other well-being and coaching practices, such as NLP. Her advocacy for broader representation in the wellbeing industry has led to her being invited to hold regular Diversity, Equality & Inclusion and Body Positive workshops within the wellbeing and fitness industry. 


Donna will be leading a Body Positive Yang Ying Slow Flow class. Students will explore both the yin and yang sides of yoga in a well-rounded and thoughtful practice. This class is accessible for everybody.  You will be able to have fun in a safe- judgement-free class.  Variations will be offered so that you will be able to adapt the practice to suit your unique body.

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