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Vibha Selvaratnam
Vibha Selvaratnam_edited.jpg

Vibha trained in Bharatanatyam from a very early age. Her outstanding talent has propelled her onto the international dance scene. As well the UK, she is regularly invited to perform in India. 

Vibha has performed in many productions with India Dance BN and is involved with collaborations to explore her art form further, for example with Four Swords as part of the “Beyond Gaia” production at Exeter Cathedral. She has also been praised for the choreographic innovation shown in her experimental solo works such as Nayika.  

As a Bharatanatyam dancer brought up in the UK, Vibha has always been particularly passionate about being able to share and portray the art form in a way that relates to a UK audience. She heads the Company’s South West region, regularly choreographing, performing and teaching. 

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