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TryKind Clothing

Ever thought...What's in your clothes? What ingredients would be listed? What are the effects of our clothes on our bodies?
We think about it alllllllll the time, which is why...

We make the comfiest ayurvedically plant-dyed underwear & loungewear.
Simply our clothes are all toxic free, vegan friendly, with zero chemicals & made from organic cotton.

Our clothes have a touch of magic in them under the name of Ayurvastra – a 5000 year old tradition and branch of Ayurveda & yoga. Mindfully, our artisans in the Keralan jungle use holistic herbal roots, flowers, leaves and barks to colour our soft organic cottons. Our skin, the largest organ in our body, absorbs many substances we place on it especially in intimate places. So, that is why the colours in TryKind’s organic cotton underwear & loungewear can enhance skin health (minimising eczema, acne & psoriasis), benefit your wellness (anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic & anti-irritant) and boosts your immunity while being extremely comfortable for all body shapes.

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