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The Buttafly

Hi there, and welcome to the world of the Buttafly, a 3-in-1 Yoga block, meditation seat and back care aid.

The creation of the Buttafly began early in my training as a Yoga Teacher as I sat in meditation, fidgeting and struggling to get comfortable.

I hadn’t planned to design anything, but as I sought to empty my mind, thoughts of what would make the meditation experience easier and more enjoyable compelled me to pick up paper and pencil.

I know how important it is for the spine to be well-aligned. Not only is poor posture a contributing factor in back pain and a reason why many Westerners take to yoga, but good spine alignment is fundamental to the optimal functioning of the whole body.

It's also essential for us to reap the rewards of movement and breathwork practices, especially Pranayama, which works with our subtle energy systems.

As well as for sitting, the Buttafly can be used as a Yoga block to support your asana practice.

The Buttafly Technique is a specific way of using the Buttafly that facilitates a natural release of the spine to promote posture correction 'from the inside'. It works with the deepest organizing systems in the body—the nervous system and the craniosacral system—and is transformative for many people. The Complementary Medical Association recognises the Buttafly Technique as a treatment for back pain relief.

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