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Sofia Barnes
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Sofia is a joyful earth loving mama & co creator of Love All Ways Yoga alongside her own mama Sandra. Growing up immersed in Sandra's offerings & always assisting in setting up & sharing workshops, retreats & beyond, she naturally came to journey down the never ending path of learning & sharing in her early 20's. They now support one another & others to birth & alchemise their visions & dreams into being. Nature & it's rhythms, seasons & cycles bring them an endless source of inspiration & they feel blessed to have been lucky to travel & live in different areas as a family, always exploring & adventuring new realms & activities.
Together they hold a love for adorning & transforming spaces for others to gather, land & drop fully into, where feeling the whole spectrum of being life gifts is welcome. Offering journeys that awaken the senses through immersive explorative experiences, textures & expression. In honour of the great ceremony of life, within their offerings they weave together embodied movement, guided meditations, sound journeys, ritual & ceremony. Creating spaces for women to celebrate their shakti & all it means to be 'woman' is one of their passions & sharing plant medicine cacao concoctions with ceremony & alchemy dance journeys have become one of their favourite offerings. You can find their sharings at an array of yoga festivals & gatherings as well as their 'YogaVentures' across the globe.

'Cacao ceremony with elemental alchemy dance journey' with Sofia & Sandra

Journey through body, being & beyond. Joining together in circle to drink ceremonial grade Cacao within a plant medicine concoction that welcomes the heart space to ignite, open & blossom ~ Ready to receive. Set off on a voyage of exploration, awakening our bodies range of expression & feeling, on a trip through the elements ~ Earth ~ Water ~ Fire ~ Air & Space. Tuning into these ancient wisdom's we all hold ~ As the medicine of gathering in ceremony & free flowing movement awakens within us. Music will support our unravelling. Ceremonies are a way to gather & honour life, it's ebbs & flows & the part we play within it's rich cosmic tapestry. Culminating with a sound journey, allowing our energies to settle, leaving us feeling expansive & spacious. Everyone welcome!

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