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Sika is a sound artist based in New Zealand, dedicated to creating music and paintings that enhance our spiritual relationship with nature.


He has toured internationally since 1993, offering sound journeys and concerts.


The didgeridoo forms an important foundation for his music, however he also uses drums, native flutes, voice and natural instruments.


Giving voice to wood, skin, bone, stone and shell, his work reflects a lifetime of listening to the rhythms of nature. Other sources of sound such as water, fire, trees, animals and wind are used with the intention to build soundscapes that enable us to leave time.


After years of gathering and making instruments, Sika has recorded ten solo albums.


As a collection these projects tell the story of a man who has followed his yearning to create a life grown from the roots of the past, but sowing the seeds of the future.


What is a Sound Journey?

A Sound Journey is an inner experience, unlike listening to a concert. People lie down, close their eyes and listen to the sounds of live instruments.

Sika has been offering Sound Journeys for over 25 years, making him one of the most experienced practitioners in the world. He's best-known for playing the didgeridoo, which has an ancient, grounding quality.

Participants often feel the vibration in their bodies, as Sika moves around the space while playing. He also uses unfamiliar instruments such as Māori Taonga Puoro, which can have haunting and unusual 'voices'. This adds to a sense of mystery and helps us drop into meditative, wordless states.

Sound Journeys are open to everyone - consider yourself welcome.

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