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Pt Satish K Sharma

Rebooting Yoga in Britain

As every Sadhaka knows the journey of Yoga is one of transcending twists and turns, obstacles and delusions and every once in a while even “dead ends”. Has the practice of Yoga in Britain hit a dead end? Have we reached a plateau or are we preparing for an evolutionary leap forward? Where does “British Yoga” go from here?


Pt Satish K Sharma General Secretary of the National Council of Hindu Temples UK, Chair of the British board of Hindu scholars. He is well known in InterFaith as a dharmic speaker and was recently invited to speak at the Festival of Bharat in Delhi and at the World Hindu Federation Summit in Mauritius. In March he was invited to Rishikesh to the annual gathering of Sadhus and Saints  and was recognised for his understanding of the Dharmashastras and was granted authority to speak on the Six Darshanas (Visionary Philosophies)  of Sanatan Dharma in Europe.  He is a frequent speaker in Parliament and you can see his work on Tedx and  YouTube and on the NCHTUK website.  As an accomplished YogaAcharya, he has taught in many countries as well as in many institutions including the British Army and NHS Hospitals and he has been working with friends and seekers, particularly those struggling with Depression for many years.

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