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Sara Fusaro

Sara’s personal yoga practice began 20 years ago. Since then, Yoga has been the most meaningful, transformative, and informative force in her life. Sara is a member of Yoga Alliance and she is specialised in different styles. She continues to deepen her practice often traveling to have the opportunity to study with worldwide recognised teachers. 


Sara encourages her students to enjoy the many benefits of Yoga, including the opportunity to relax the body and mind, to be present in this moment, to enjoy the gift of life…and to have some fun! During her classes she uses her extensive knowledge and keen eye to adapt each pose according to individual needs and thereby better facilitate personal growth and inner confidence. Every class is different and created by people who show up. She invites students to feel their way through their practice and create their own rhythm and flow. Often her classes are a mix of dynamic vinyasa flow and yin yoga poses leading to a deeper state of relaxation with the use of yoga nidra.


In recent years Sara has developed an interest for therapeutic yoga. She is currently working with NHS offering yoga as a complementary treatment in mental disorders.

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