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Pundit Radheshyam Mishra

Pundit Radheshyam Mishra has been teaching Traditional Classical Yoga of India across the world since 1993.  He is a direct disciple of Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra in the lineage of Shri Paramhans Madhavdasa.  Pundit Mishra is the Founder Director of Ujjain Yoga Life Society International, member of Indian Yoga Association, Council of Yoga Accreditation International, International Board of Yoga, Advisor Member of World Yoga Council and International Yoga Federation. 


His mission is to impart Overall Wellness through Yoga.  He conducts teacher’s training programs and has established over 100 Yoga training centers around the world.  Pundit Mishra has visited 47 countries to teach Yoga.  Through his teachings many have improved their physical, mental and emotional health.  


He has authored many books, Video DVDs to educate masses.  He has received many awards and recognition from Government of India. He has also been a member of Yoga expert committee nominated by Ministry of Human Resource & Development for making policies and syllabus of Yoga in Higher Education in India.


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