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Praveen Kumar

Mr. Praveen Kumar Verma has a solid yoga practice spanning over 30 years. His teaching experience is more than a decade he has taught both on National and International grounds and presently working in Hanoi, Vietnam for the last continues 10 years and he is Director of the Yoga Now studio in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Mr. Praveen has received many accolades and accreditation from some of the most prestigious organizations within the yoga fraternity. He has been completed ERYT 500, M.A in Yoga, P.G Diploma in Yoga and N.D.D.Y from India and Represented India at International competition in Brazil, Portugal, Malaysia and Singapore and won more than 35 Medals at Enter college, All India Enter Universities, National and International ground.

Recently he was awarded International Yoga Referee during “World Yoga Championship, Malaysia 2015, Asian Yoga Championship Hanoi, Vietnam 2016 and Asian Yoga Championship Singapore 2017. Organized Yoga Workshop in “Texas International Yoga Conference Houston, Texas, USA and Mexico City, Mexico, India, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and so on in Vietnam.

He brings a certain kind of confidence, compassion and creative fluidity into his practice which effortlessly rubs on to each and every student. So come and experience this cosmic energy exchange, as he lovingly offers himself to be a catalyst, opening you to the wonderful world of yogic science.

According to Mr. Praveen “Yoga is not just about postures and making the body sweat out, it is also about learning to know yours self. The deeper we move within a posture, the more we can learn to concentrate and meditate within ourselves.”

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