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Thanks to the generosity of our teachers, many of these sessions are free. Please consider donating to the charity behind World Yoga Festival to help cover our admin and subscription costs during this challenging time. Donate now

Over the past 5 months, World Yoga Festival has gone ONLINE and hosted an incredible 19 Sunday classes, a 15-day meditation challenge, a beginner’s vedanta course and a special 6-week vajra course - all equating to over 50 hours of expert-led practice, knowledge and learning. Registration for the free Sunday classes exceeds 3500! We hope this has helped navigate the way through this often isolating, occasionally confusing, profoundly new way of life in some small way.


We couldn't have done this without all those who have supported us - those who had faith in us and are patiently waiting for the 2021 festival, those who have donated to us. There's also a huge amount of work that has gone on behind the scenes - generous teachers donating their precious time and knowledge, the World Yoga Festival team grappling with new technology in a short space of time, the hours of admin and promotion to make sure you hear about the classes. And of course the dedication YOU have shown as willing students.


And there's more to come! This Sunday afternoon programme continues, specialist masterclass courses with Senior Iyengar Yogacharya Devki Desai and future classes which will continue for as long as demand continues and teaching availability allows.


Head to the YouTube channel to catch up on many of the classes:

Master Classes

Devki desai.jpg

Exclusive Online Iyengar Yoga Masterclasses with Devki Desai (Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute)

Zoom course, Part 1: Saturdays, 12th, 19th, 26th September 2020 at 10am

Topic: Alignment in Asana

Cost: £30 for the course of three classes


Zoom course, Part 2: Saturdays, 3rd, 10th, 17th October 2020 at 3pm

Topic: Preparation towards Pranayam

Cost: £30 for the course of three classes


Devki Desai began her study and practice of Iyengar Yoga in Mumbai at the age of 19, under the direct guidance of Sri BKS Iyengar. In 1988, marriage brought her to Pune and gave her the opportunity to further deepen her studies at RIMYI, under Guruji, Geetaji and Prashantji.


For the last twenty years, she has been teaching at the mother institute. Her teaching journey began with women and children, at the behest of Guruji. She accompanied Geetaji in 2003 to South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia for national conventions. In 2009, she was blessed to accompany Guruji to Russia. Devki annually travels internationally to teach workshops. She has taught in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Russia, France and Indonesia.


Her students often comment on her ability to beautifully incorporate the philosophy of Patanjali, the precision and discipline of the Iyengar practice, and the energy of youthfulness. As a Senior teacher at RIMYI, she currently instructs Intermediate level 2 classes, the Sunday children's class, substitute teaches Advanced-level classes, and assists in the therapeutic classes.


We are honoured to host these specialist masterclass courses - demand will be high so book now!


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"Panchadashi by Swami Vidyaranya (1296 – 1386)"

Online study group with Ram Banerjee based on the teachings of Swami Paramarthananda

Weekly Zoom classes starting Wednesday 16th September

Every Wednesday at 8pm for 1 hour followed by a short, guided meditation to relax. We shall aim to close at 9.20pm and never later than 9.30pm.


Panchadasi is a Vedantic text authored by Swami Vidyaranya who was a great acharya and scholar even before becoming a swami and was a prolific writer in different fields of science. Among his many works, the most famous is Panchadasi which is considered to be one of the best works of the entire Vedanta shastra – a compulsory textbook to be studied by all serious students of Vedanta. 


In many of the Vedantic works, even though they deal with all aspects of the teachings, ideas are jumbled, disconnected and often repeated in the wrong place and sometimes do not have a progressive development. When we study such text books, there is a strain on the student because the student has to re-arrange the topics mentioned in the shastra. There are a few Vedantic works where the ideas are very clearly classified without much in the way of overlap or repetition and there is a progression in the teachings. It is always a pleasure to teach such a text. One such rare work happens to be Panchadasi which means 15 parts since it tackles the subject of Advaita Vedanta from 15 different perspectives.


Why study the text? Ram has wanted to give classes on Panchadasi for a long time. It is the most rewarding text he has ever studied. Vidyaranya has a style quite different to Adi Shankara – the 8th century monk – whose commentaries and original works are generally studied. Panchadasi is a concise text that covers the entire Advaita Vedanta subject – one need not study anything else to obtain full knowledge. As usual pdf notes, video and audio of the class shall be made available for all registered students.


Is it for you? It is for every serious student of Vedanta. Past knowledge is not mandatory as the basic theories will be expanded to make it accessible to all students. There will be interludes to explain concepts that the text assumes the student is familiar with. The study does however require focus to be beneficial. 


Cost: As is usual, Ram seeks a donation of £5 per class paid in multiples of 4 classes directly to Arsha Kula Foundation. It is up to the student to keep track of payments.


For any further information, contact Ram:

To register, complete the form here

Swami Ambikananda.jpg

Swami Ambikananda: Satya - The Journey

Zoom session - Session Postponed. Free class, donations welcome.

Pandit Satishji, in his revealing talk to WYF participants, took us all through a beautiful teaching on satya, allowing us a rare glimpse of it as our ultimate reality ~ the truth about ‘I’. He brought us to the burning question Yoga has asked since its beginnings: what is the inner subject, the Being of our becoming: adhyatma? Taking this direction inward ~ what the great sage Patañjali called pratyāhāra ~ takes courage, focus and steadiness. In her session Swami Ambikānanda will look at ways ~ with body, breath and mind ~ by which Yogins can build the qualities to make that journey and bring meaning and depth to our practice.

Swami Ambikānanda has been teaching Yoga for 45 years, since guided by her guru, Swami Venkatesānanda, to make it her spiritual vocation. She has translated a number of Sanskrit texts, including the oldest teaching on Yoga as a practice, the Katha Upanishad. She enjoys Yoga as a pathway to better physical and mental health but never sees those as its goals, always quoting her guru who reminded us, “Yoga is all those practices that enable you to discover health ~ which is not the absence of the symptoms of sickness, but which is wholeness and holiness ~ an inner state of being in which there is no division at all.” 

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Swami Svatmananda: COPING WITH CORONA - Astrological analysis and knowing what to do

Zoom session on Sunday 27th September, 3pm (UK time). Free class, donations welcome.



Svaaji aka Sri Swami Svatmananda is a rare scholar who has delighted thousands through his lectures on Vedic knowledge: Hatha yoga, Meditation, Jyotisha, Ayurveda, Vastu, Sanskrit, Veda and Vedanta. Having studied this hard-to-obtain wisdom with the world’s foremost experts, he ultimately gained the tutelage and blessings of Swami Dayananda, the Guru who taught him to unfold the vision of Vedanta and the Bhagavad Gita with ease and clarity. Svaaji’s teaching style makes this ancient wisdom accessible to all who earnestly seek it.

Swami Svatmananda's website:


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