World Yoga Festival Online Sessions

Thanks to the generosity of our teachers, many of these sessions are free. Please consider donating to the charity behind World Yoga Festival to help cover our admin and subscription costs during this challenging time. Donate now

Over the past year,, World Yoga Festival has gone ONLINE and hosted 30 Sunday classes, a 15-day meditation challenge, beginners' vedanta courses, specialised masterclasses and al 6-week vajra course - all equating to over 100 hours of expert-led practice, knowledge and learning. Registration for the free Sunday classes exceeds 5000! We hope this has helped navigate the way through this often isolating, occasionally confusing, profoundly new way of life in some small way.


We couldn't have done this without all those who have supported us - those who had faith in us and are patiently waiting for the 2021 festival, those who have donated to us. There's also a huge amount of work that has gone on behind the scenes - generous teachers donating their precious time and knowledge, the World Yoga Festival team grappling with new technology in a short space of time, the hours of admin and promotion to make sure you hear about the classes. And of course the dedication YOU have shown as willing students.


Head to the YouTube channel to catch up on many of the classes:

Master Classes

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Online Vedanta course with Ram Banerjee

Vedanta says that when the student is ready to make a serious enquiry into who they really are, a teacher will appear. Ram is one such teacher and he is about to start a weekly online class on Vivekachudamani – “the crest jewel of discriminative understanding”.  This concise yet complete text by Adi Shankara, systematically reveals all the major aspects of Advaita Vedanta. At one class per week, the study will last well into the summer and is intended only for those with a deep yearning to know.


If you are one of Ram’s many existing students, the text will reinforce and clarify your knowledge. If you are new to Vedanta, then is will be an ideal way to tackle the subject comprehensively. Audio and video recordings will be provided after every class to allow catch-up and a weekly transcript will be an excellent basis for personal notes and review.


The path to self-knowledge is not an easy one, with many false turns and dead ends. For over 10 years, Ram has acted as a guide to show the way, yet the journey is a personal one that you must undertake yourself – no one can do it for you.


Course details:

The course consists of weekly, 90-minute classes delivered online via Zoom every Wednesday at 8pm, starting 17th February 2021.


Class Structure:

The 90-minute classes are interactive and limited in size.

The first 10 minutes are a recap of what was discussed in the last class.

Next 60 minutes is the talk.

Last 20 minutes are for Q&A.


Course material: 

-    PDF notes will be made available to attendees after each session

-    The class will be recorded but playback restricted only to those who have signed up



A donation of £5 per class is sought and all proceeds will go to the Arsha Kula Foundation, the charity that operates the World Yoga Festival. We ask that anyone who is able to donate an additional £1 per class to please do so. The wisdom of the Vedas is for everyone and no-one that genuinely wants to learn will be excluded because of their financial status. If you are unable to pay, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

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Partner Classes



3-part Zoom course STARTING NEXT WEEK

Saturdays 6th, 13th & 20th March at 10am (UK time)

£30 for the full course


Join us for this series of 3x expert-led master classes.

Session 1 - Understanding the 6 seasons, their impact on human beings and nature's whispers to follow a specific seasonal regimen 

Session 2 - Food practices as per the season and region 

Session 3 - Basic rules of eating 


Dr Parthasarathy is a practising Ayurveda Vaidya currently heading Swami Dayananda Jayavarthanevelu Ayurvedalaya (SDJ Ayurvedalaya) as a Director & Chief Medical Officer.


Dr Parthasarathy completed his 6 years Ayurveda Training from the Most reputed Ayurveda College of AVP affiliated to Dr MGR Medical University and then completed a short term Post Graduation Certificate course in Good Clinical Practices course from FRLHT-IAIM, Bangalore with a second rank.


Prior to taking over this mission at SDJ on the Invitation and blessing of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati Ji, Dr Parthasarathy was heading the International Training Academy and a Branch Hospital of the well-known Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) and has served as Course Director for many courses organized in collaboration with Universities and Organizations in India, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Argentina, Spain & Indonesia.


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Partner Classes


Breathe Yoga & Pilates

Private lessons (yoga or pilates), minimum 60 minute sessions at a time to suit to you.


Cost: £70 per hour (for any group size)


For more information, please contact: / call: +44 20 8452 8322


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Live Online course with Mahesh

Mahesh has been studying and practising yoga since 2005. Trained by the Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe (2007-2010), and having spent a total of 5 years in residential training at the Bihar School of Yoga, Munger, India between 2010-2019, he has been teaching hatha, raja, bhakti, karma and mantra yoga in London, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, USA, and India. He currently resides at the Satyananda Yoga Centre, London.


Yoga Lifestyle Foundation Course

Reprogram Your Mind: Tools for Mental Strength, Peace, Wisdom, and Freedom

Bhakti Yoga for Everyone

Fundamentals of Pranayama

Meditation and Mindfulness in Yoga

A Day of Living Yoga

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Systematic courses with pre-recorded materials, community and teacher support, available any time:


Yoga for Balance and Harmony. Book now >>

Yoga for Peace, Focus, and Sound Sleep. Book now >>

Yoga for Strength, Energy, and Vitality. Book now >>

Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar.jpg

Spiritual Practices According to Your Chakra Age with Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, a living master of Nada (sound) Yoga & creator of Microchakra™ Psychology

Online 7 weekly sessions on Fridays: 23rd October - 4th December, 5pm - 6:30pm (UK time)


There is order in the Universe – Reta. When we synchronize our life according to Reta, the laws of the universe, we do not experience any obstacles. The practice of Nada Yoga and study of Microchakra™ Psychology, enables us to live according to Reta.


During this course, you will:

  • Learn about all 7 stages of development

  • Learn the activities associated with each Chakra age

  • Examine your age through dominance of the light of the chakra

  • Come to understand the 7 chakra minds

  • Develop a deep appreciation of the 7 rays, 7 colours, 7 notes in music, 7 rhythms, 7 planets, 7 days of the week, 7 heavens, 7 Lokas and the 7 Rishis of the Vedas

  • Learn how to vocalise powerful sounds and rhythms

  • Use ancient ways of synchronizing our breath with the cycles of nature and brain hemispheres

  • Repeat mantras and sounds after the teacher in a traditional style 


For further details and other events at Chakra Institute click here:




Sri Shyamji encountered his spiritual teacher at the age of twelve in Himalayans, and spent several years under his guidance.  The Guru initiated him into the Shaivite tradition of Tantra—imparting a rare oral tradition of sacred sounds (Naada yoga), breath (Svar yoga) and spiritual wisdom.


In 1967, he had an intuition. In a five hours of automatic writing he revealed that each of the seven major chakras contained 21 microchakras™ and described the precise details of their functioning. This revelation is the basis of Microchakra™ Psychology. These microchakras helped him understand the depth of the human psyche and led to the development of his unique psycho-spiritual theory which profoundly enriches the classical understanding of the chakras.

Kate Butler.jpg

Yoga Daya with Kate Butler

Ashtanga yoga classes, 4x times per week (this is primary series with a few postures from the intermediate) and creative vinyasa flow - will suit level 2 students. A gentle session for over 55s and Friday wind down once per month - gentle yoga with a long meditation session.


Length of session - 75mins (wind down and gentle are 60 min)

Date and time - Mondays 6pm Ashtanga / Tuesday 6.30pm Vinyasa flow / Thursday 10am Gentle Yoga / Intermittent Fridays at 5.30pm


Cost £7 drop in or bulk buy 5 for £30


For further details and to join, please contact: 07771647125 /