Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani: Mental Health in the Light of Yoga Darshan

Zoom session. Sunday 19th July, 3pm (UK time)


Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani is Director of the Centre for Yoga Therapy Education and Research (CYTER), and Professor of Yoga Therapy at the Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University, Pondicherry (


A recipient of the coveted DSc in Yoga from SVYASA Yoga University in January 2019, he is Chairman of the International Centre for Yoga Education and Research at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, India ( and Yoganjali Natyalayam, the premier institute of Yoga and Carnatic Music and Bharatanatyam in Pondicherry ( He is son and successor of the internationally acclaimed Yoga team of Yogamaharishi Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri Guru Maharaj and Yogacharini Kalaimamani Ammaji, Smt Meenakshi Devi Bhavanani.


He is a Gold Medallist in Medical Studies (MBBS) with postgraduate diplomas in both Family Health (PGDFH) as well as Yoga (PGDY) and the Advanced Diploma in Yoga under his illustrious parents in 1991-93. A Fellow of the Indian Academy of Yoga, he has authored 19 DVDs and 23 books and 31 compilations on Yoga as well as published more than two hundred and fifty papers, compilations and abstracts on Yoga and Yoga research in National and International Journals. His literary works have more than 2300 Citations, with an h-Index of 23 and an i10-Index of 42.  In addition, he is a Classical Indian Vocalist, Percussionist, Music Composer and Choreographer of Indian Classical Dance.


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6 week course with Swamini Brahmaprajnananda: Vajra - Building an Antifragile* life

6 week online course on Saturdays, 27th June - 1st August (3.30pm UK time / 8pm India time / 7.30am PDT) 

Zoom course


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Building an Antifragile* life  

(Based on teachings of Bhagavad Gita and Yoga sutras) 

By Swamini Brahmaprajnananda

*-term to mean beyond resilient used by Nassim Taleb  

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Dr. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra: Yoga for Mental & Emotional Wellbeing (rescheduled session)

Zoom session. Sunday 26th July, 3pm (UK time)


Pujya Maa will speak on the subject of Yoga for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing. Keeping in mind the current situation around the world, Maa strongly feels that we must address the psychological effects of the pandemic and the consequent isolation. 


People have been trapped indoors for a very long time, either alone or with family or roommates. This creates feelings of loneliness and discord respectively. There is an overall air of fear and panic, so people are anxious. Coupled with the financial burdens that most of us find ourselves having to deal with, the situation has become the ideal breeding ground for mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Yoga has the solution for all these problems and by following few simple guidelines, we can experience optimum health - physical and mental. 


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Marc J Acquaviva: (The enviro-somatic approach to practice)


75 minute guided sessions for all -  these1hr classes are built around the needs of participants, and end with 15 minutes guided deep relaxation.

Tuesdays 11:30am & 6:30pm and Wednesdays 11:00am 

£12 drop-in (or £6 using the coupon code VIEW-ONLY). Click here to book >



Regular 2.5 hr re-treat workshops that build into a graceful flow class.

Saturdays 10:30am - 1:00pm. £27 (interactive) or £15 (view-only)

Other themed workshops also available. Click here for info and booking for events>



6 days of 3hr themed workshops (with breaks) exploring and clarifying all the most significant relationships between structures of the body.

9th - 14th August 2020 10:00am - 1:00pm daily. Suitable for dedicated practitioners and teachers. Drop-in places available.  View-only places (non-interactive) are half price. 

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ONLINE 1-to-1

Appropriate for anyone looking for depth and meaning from practice, or a solution to some bodily complication or confusion - 

FREE 15 minute initial consultation, or book a session directly below

Check availability and booking here>  More information here>



Pre-recorded 6-8 week courses for various levels of experience.


The Sacred Breath  (intermediate-advanced - minimum 2yrs+ experience)

A deep exploration of breathing choices together with an enviro-somatic understanding of 9 key pranayama practices over a 7 week course..  

Includes 9 individual additional 10 minute ‘daily practice’ videos 

£97 for the whole course. Click here for info and booking >


Embodied Living   (all levels of experience)

A series of 6-week entry-level courses that will change your relationship to your body, and to life.

£47 - £97 Click here for info and booking >


CPD courses for dedicated practitioners & teachers (intermediate: 2yrs+)

A ground-breaking series of next-level CPD courses that explores the potential that arises when we listen to the innate intelligence of our sensory feedback systems.

1. Haptic Intelligence >  (7 weeks)

2. Proprioceptive Intelligence > (8 weeks)

3. Core Intelligence > (8 weeks)  

£97 each (£197 including 3x 1:1 sessions)


Contact: or Visit the website >

Andrea Carrani: Weekly Meditation

Online Group Live Weekly Meditations on Zoom – A Transformational Journey: “Unfold the inner fragrance of your heart. Experience Inner Freedom, Peace and Bliss as you merge with the Innermost Self.”

Online 1-to-1 Soul Guidance Readings (30 mins / 1 hour) are also available to understand your Karmic Patterns (by appointment only) Online 1-to-1 20 mins Personal. Meditation also available by appointment


Length of group sessions: about 45 mins

Date & Time: Choose 1 or more classes per week: Monday 7pm to 7.45pm, Wednesday 2pm to 3.15pm, Saturday 1.30pm to 2.15pm 

Cost: First Session Free then donations during lockdown. Paypal:  


Link to join:

Meeting ID:  824 646 9412  

Password: 588998


For more info, contact Andrea: 07576 475244 or

Luci Trendle: Hatha Yoga Classes

Luci is currently teaching 4 Hatha Yoga classes a week via Zoom. Her classes are focussed, themed and mindful; awareness is always at the heart of my practice. Luci has taught at the World Yoga Festival in 2018 and 2019.


Tuesdays 6-7 pm: Gentle Hatha Yoga

A gentle practice that is suitable for all.


Wednesdays 7:30-9:00pm: Open Hatha Yoga

A more dynamic practice, suitable for regular practitioners.


Thursdays 1:15-2:45: Gentle Hatha Yoga

This lunchtime class is at the gentler pace of Tuesdays class, but the longer 1.5 hour duration.  Suitable for all.


Thursdays 7:30-9:00pm: Open Hatha Yoga

A more dynamic practice, suitable for regular practitioners.


Currently, whilst online, all classes are at a discounted price of £5 each. Payment upfront is required.


Contact: for any further details or booking.

Ashtanga Vinyasa or Rocket Yoga with Green Leaves Yoga

Using Ashtanga as a framework, Sally Hodgetts will offer modifications, lots of levels and alternatives. In these Ashtanga or Rocket classes you are invited to make the practice your own, take my suggestions, or do your own thing. The emphasis is on exploring nurturing and being playful, depending on your body and mood you can make it hard and dynamic or soft and still. 


Mondays 7.00pm / Wednesdays 7.15am / Sundays 5.00pm

Length of session: 1hr 15mins


Cost: £5.00 per online session


Bookings made online here:


For more info, email:

or message: 07749 961122

Cat Stuijt: Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation

75-90 minutes sessions on various dates according to timetable, view via sign up link below.


Cost: £6.00 - £12


For more info or to sign up, visit: 


Contact: or message 07816103064

Dru Yoga and Meditation offer a variety of benefits to your body, mind and emotions. It can help reduce physical tension in the body, increase positive thinking and transform your life in a way that ripples out to benefit all of those around you.  


Why Dru Yoga?


With its foundations set in ancient yogic tradition, Dru Yoga works on body, mind and spirit—improving strength and flexibility, creating core stability, building a potent feeling of positivity, and deeply relaxing and rejuvenating your whole being. It is a life changing experience and is designed for everyone.


People of all ages, fitness levels and abilities can practice Dru.

Your teacher will take you through various options that suit your needs.

You will feel happy, relaxed and confident learning at your own pace.


What is Dru Meditation?


If you’re feeling agitated or anxious, Dru Meditation will bring you calmness. If you’re feeling exhausted, it will give you energy. If you’re feeling anxious, it will bring you peace. And most importantly, Dru Meditation will help you find that still place, with its sense of fullness, achievement and its deep healing properties, that only Yoga and Meditation can bring.


About Cat: Originally from Wales but settled in London for many years and completed all studies in London. Now relocated back to North Wales. Cat has been practicing Yoga since the early Nineties and has trained in many forms of Yoga, specializing in DRU Yoga. 

Find the Balance: Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Yoga Philosophy with Joyce & Marcos

Joyce & Marcos are KPJAYI Authorised Ashtanga Teachers and Sports Massage, Soft Tissue and Remedial Therapists.  Joyce has an MA with distinction in the Traditions of Yoga from SOAS.  Arvind Pare is their guest teacher and for 15 years lived in an ashram life learning Vedanta from Swami Dayananda of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam. Together they offer the following LIVE online classes:


  • Led Ashtanga Vinyasa Classes (Half Primary & Full Primary)

  • 4 week Ashtanga Beginners course on Saturdays

  • Deeply relaxing restorative yoga classes and monthly workshops

  • Fortnightly talks on Yoga Philosophy with Arvind Pare

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras course with Arvind Pare

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutras chanting class with Marcos

  • 1:1 guidance



Online booking page:


Original Wisdom with Lucy Crisfield - Learn to read Sanskrit ~ online

An immersion into the Sanskrit tradition, through sound, meditation and an engagement with the written Sanskrit script. Learn the vowels of the language, known as ’the 16 divine mothers’, the relationship between the consonants and the elements, and experience the meditative quality of the written symbols as we learn how to read the great revelations of the yoga tradition. 


Date and time: Begins 23rd September 7-9pm, with 10 sessions in total (23/9, 8/10, 21/10, 4/11, 18/11, 1/12, 13/1, 27/1, 10/2, 24/2). All recordings will be available for those unable to make the live event. 


Cost: £295 before 31st July, £340 thereafter. Includes homework marked and returned each session, recordings, and supporting material. 




For more info, contact:

Weekly yoga, meditation and deep relaxation with Amy

Amy’s unique yoga classes are a blend of yoga, breathwork, visualisation, relaxation and meditation. 1 hour sessions that deeply nourish your body and your mind, to inspire, empower, and generate positive changes.


2 zoom yoga classes a week - Tuesdays 7pm to 8pm, Fridays 8am to 9am. 

One-2-One zoom (or park socially distanced) sessions available.

First class is free (then various price plans) No previous experience needed.


Free zoom guided deep relaxations 3 times a week - Mondays 9pm, Wednesdays 10am, Saturdays 6.30pm.

30 minute live guided relaxations to raise the vibration, relax your body and soothe your soul, during these deeply challenging times. 


Contact Amy on 07786 013577 or

Visit: / Instagram: @amy_themissingpeace

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