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Marc J Aquaviva
Marc J Acquaviva.png

Marc has been changing people’s lives since 2001 with his uniquely transformational take on the ’Scaravelli-inspired’ approach to Yoga practice.. He has been passionate about yoga since his early childhood. From 1991 he has been studying and practicing exclusively with people that have worked directly with Vanda Scaravelli, such as Diane Long and Sophy Hoare, as well as with highly respected osteopaths and anatomists Pete Blackaby and John Stirk to deepen his practical understanding of the body.  


The outcome of this lifelong love affair with yoga practice, has been a discovery beyond anything that is usually talked about in the world of physical practice:  that our somatic sense, our experience of ourselves through the body, is a direct result of the quality with which we engage with the world about us….  Usually this quality is in turn directed by what we think we are doing and why, and on a more significant level, how we feel about life, about ourselves, and how think about our bodies. 


His teaching takes people back to a state of innocent exploration of the physical. You can expect to be guided through a direct exploration of the quality of your own contact with the Earth. And you will be encouraged to explore how you relate to and engage with the space you occupy, through the breath and through its release.  The result for people is always something new - a new freedom, a new strength, a bigger picture simplicity.


“My practice has given me an unexpected window into the true nature of being, of life, of reality itself. And it has given me the courage to allow change in myself - and this has led to a much happier life.  This window is available to anyone that is prepared to put any agenda aside in favour of listening to the body and its natural responses. And my teaching is geared around creating the conditions so that people can discover this incredible resource for themselves.”


Director of the Acquaviva School of Yoga

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