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Jeffrey Armstrong
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Jeffrey Armstrong | Kavindra Rishi - Founder of VASA Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts.


Jeffrey Armstrong is a Vedic teacher, award-winning author, and Ayurvedic Astrologer.  As an inspirational speaker and mystical poet, he conveys India’s Vedic knowledge to the West with profound insight and clarity. Jeffrey founded VASA, the Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts, as the vehicle to impart this knowledge in a dynamic, accessible and newly synthesized form.  


Jeffrey is a Vedic teacher, Ayurvedic Astrologer for over 45 years, an award-winning poet and best-selling author of numerous books, including the first decolonized translation of the Gita called: The Bhagavad Gita Comes Alive: A Radical Translation; Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar: Ancient Wisdom for a New World; Karma A Guide to Cause & Effect and others. He has been featured in the CBC documentary Planet Yoga, the Leo Award-winning documentary Take Back Your Power, Wings of Yoga and two documentaries on Ayurveda & Psychology for Mind Valley. He has degrees in Psychology, English Literature, and History and Comparative Religion, and he spent five years in an ashram as a brahmachari (monk).


Though born a Westerner he has dedicated most of his adult life to learning about, practicing, and teaching Vedic wisdom. At age 50, he left the corporate world and took a vow to only teach the Vedic knowledge as his dedication for the rest of his life. He has worked with prominent Indian organizations to help with the revival of Sanatana Dharma culture by teaching at Hindu youth camps, universities, and civic centers throughout India, America, and Europe as well as most of the well-known Yoga Festival. He is the Vice Chairman of the Vedic Friends Association and is active with the British Board of Dharmic Scholars. 


The Ultimate Language of Love, Bhakti Yoga – Part 1


Jeffrey weaves the Bhagavad Gita, the Mahabharata & Krishna’s life together to answer the question, why are we so helplessly attracted to beauty? Is there a higher truth in this clue? How deep does love go? How do you teach love when all around are suffering? Bhakti secrets revealed by Sri Krishna, are explained in this profound heart opening class.


The Ultimate Language of Love, Bhakti Yoga – Part 2


'The 9 Flavours of Love' - Jeffrey explains the 9 flavours of ultimate love that you have the option to experience with the divine – not just the parental love as described in the Christian paradigm (father god). Towards the end of this heart opening talk he shares the deepest bhakti emotion one can muster on a video class through the retelling of Krishna lilas and his own personal experience. Part 1 recommended.  

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