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Pure Energy Healing & Tarot with Hannah Wiles

Hannah Wiles offers individual Tarot sessions, Pure Energy Healing sessions plus a unique blend of Energy Healing and Tarot.


Meet your therapist, Hannah: "The central definition of ‘stilling of changing states of mind’ is what I aim to encompass within my Energy Healing and Tarot sessions and have found clients come away from a session feeling relaxed and rediscovering their ‘inner peace’.


"In Tarot I channel via the ‘El Tarot de Röhrig’ cards which prompt messages from imagery and visions. I tend to lead the session first laying a spread of cards and telling the client what I see, after this I open the session to questions and clarification of anything I have said. With my Tarot I do not aim only to acknowledge the problem, I aim to work with spirit to also find solutions and different paths that can be taken and where they may lead. Tarot reading for me is about supporting, giving information and clarity for my clients to be able to take control of their life decisions, it is healing through words.


"In energy healing I use my hands and body to tune into others energy, feel where blocks may be, then tame and channel wild energy into a sunbeam of light directing it where it may heal. I have found healing is such a gift available to everyone. I have often found healing can clear the rubble from our life path, illuminating the way, even if it is just the first step. It opens us to recognising our hurdles and gives us confidence to face and overcome them. To remind people of their personal power, showing they are capable of all they could have ever dreamed of, is what I hope to do. It is healing through movement. 


"Although equally powerful alone, together the modalities complement, varying the energy. They allow me to attune to the persons energy, feel where the blocks are in their energetic body, beyond physical pain, as often x never marks the spot.”

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