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The Earth Remedies Aromatherapy product range focuses on the external aspect of skincare as well as ritualistic and meditative self care. Drawing inspiration from a multitude of spiritual practices; including Tarot, Ayurveda, and pagan practices. 


Our mission is to better connect people to the healing powers of the natural world and to shine a light on the bridge between spirituality and science. Healing people through nature connection to increase both social and environmental realignment. 


The more we as a society connect to nature the stronger our bond becomes with our plant. There is a direct correlation between people who experience nature connection and people who are environmentally conscious.  


We try to use the most sustainable ingredients where possible and keep our plastic waste to a bare minimum, with all products coming in glass and packaging from recycled or sustainable materials. Everything is handmade with intention in small batches. All foraged ingredients are done so sustainably allowing enough for the wildlife and land regeneration.

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