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Deepika Saini
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Yogacharini Deepika Giri is the co-founder of Yoga Satsanga Ashram, Wales UK. The Ashram recently appeared on the BBC documentary ‘The Asian Welsh’ and if often referred to as a ‘little India’. Deepika is one of around 30 teachers globally that are trained to the Senior Achariya (3000 hrs) Level in the Gitananda Lineage which is well known for its depth and breadth in its Pranayama teachings. Deepika is especially passionate when it comes to Pranayama as throughout her childhood she had suffered severe asthma attacks, frequently hospitalised and was on life support for 3 days on one occasion. The power of Pranayama in the lineage made dramatic changes beyond anything Deepika could have dreamed for and the training gave her a new lease of life which she now feels is her Dharma to share with everyone. Deepika is leading Pranayama teacher training with Dr Ananda Balyogi Bhavanani who is the son and successor or Swami Gitananda.

Deepika is also raising three sons with Yogachariya Jnandev, enjoys classical Indian music and has learnt to play basic Sitar to accompany and sing with Bhajans! Deepika is also the Director of Holistic 


1. Vybhaga - the sectional breath (1hr)

A class to introduce the 18 different sections of the lungs and the conscious flow of the breath as we expand in and out of the Universal energy.

2. Hathenas - The lung forcing techniques (1.5hrs)

A set of hatha yoga practices designed by Swami Gitananda to force the different sections of the lungs to expand and increase lung capacity. 

3. Vybhaga and Pranava AUM (1hr)

The sectional breath with hasta mudras and Pranava AUM chanting


For more about Deepika:


Facebook: @yogasatsangashram

Insta: @yogashramwales

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