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Catia Leite

After studying dance throughout her youth, Catia decided she required a more profound life experience, so she put her dream aside and went on to other things, working and traveling as often as she could. In 2003 her yoga journey to self-enquiry took its first steps and since then, it has been a healing experience which has deeply changed her views on life. Her quest led her to try many styles of yoga: Shivananda; Power yoga; vinyasa flow; Ashtanga; Jivamukti. She drew inspiration from teachers including David Swenson, Matt Corigliano, Kino, Mathew Sweeney, Anne-Marie Newland, and Stewart Gilchrist who still remains her teacher and inspiration today. She continues to work alongside him, assisting/mentoring during teacher training.


Catia has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She has the privilege to teach in some of the top yoga studios in London, teaching amazing people from all walks of life and backgrounds. She is a freelance yogini that loves to travel and to share her knowledge, as well as learn from her students and teachers. Catia's authentic soul is inspiring, she shares much passion, compassion, love in all her classes, age is no barrier, background or religion. She has regular community classes, to offer a safe space and cultivate a new way of living. Giving a chance to those less fortunate or unsure of their path to come in and let go through the practice of yoga. Throughout the years she gives time to organizing or part in fundraising events, such as YGB, all year round.


Her classes incorporate the essence of yoga philosophy, and how to apply the wisdom of yoga into daily life, on and off the mat. The sequence is a fluid, creative vinyasa flow -a moving meditation, with a great emphasis on the breath. She is inspired by the ashtanga practice and brings her influence into her own class. She also teaches Yin yoga and Chakra's, meditation and yoga Nidra.


Catia's passion and for teaching and traveling allows her to fly around the globe as New Zealand, Bali, India, Portugal - to say a few, as well as the U.K., on yoga retreats and workshops. She feels that whatever she gives out to the world or in class is magnified and returned! She teaches with warmth and sincerity and her smile is a breath of fresh air!

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