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Ana Waialua jewellery

The inspiration behind Ana Waialua jewellery is Hawaii's Waialua beach. The line was founded when Anna Roehrig, a formerly Berlin based fashion stylist, Reiki healer and Yogi, moved to Waialua in 2013.


Ana Waialua's colour palette reflects the ever changing colours of ocean and sky from stormy winter mornings to glowing summer sunsets. With the belief that the metaphysical energy of crystals and gemstones can assist in the healing of the emotional, spiritual and physical body, Anna carefully combines the gemstones in her jewellery to work together. A recurring theme in the energetic properties of the gemstones she uses, is the creation of a sense of calm, balance, bounty and the attraction of love and positive energies - also  known as Aloha!


Living in London now, she still handcrafts every piece on her own, using strictly organic materials such as gemstones, coral, wood, 925 silver and 14K goldfill. Sustainability is an important part of the design process. Ana Waialua pieces are inspired by current trends, but are made to last a lifetime and become the wearer's companion on her journey of this one precious life.

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