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Angela Cresswell

Angela has been practicing Yoga for more than twelve years and teaching for five years. She completed her training in a traditional Ashram in Southern India in the Sivananda lineage of Hatha Yoga and went on to teach in Thailand and India. After six months intense Sadhana (spiritual practice) in India, she returned to the UK and started Pradhipa Yoga in 2014. She returns to India each year to continue her studies and has completed Advanced Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy, Vedic Culture and Vedic Psychology courses.  


More recently she has become interested in teaching Yoga to the younger generation to help them deal with the pressures of modern living. She believes that Yoga is for everybody regardless of age, size or ability. Her classes are suitable for all levels including beginners, with an emphasis on breath and body awareness, bringing a

meditative quality to the practice.  


She is passionate about helping to create healthier, happier communities by helping people to find their joy in life; something she believes can be found by delving deeper into Yoga Philosophy. She was given the spiritual name ‘Pradipa’, meaning ‘illuminating’, by her teacher Swami Govindananda in 2012. She is also a Level 2 Reiki healer and ambassador for healthy living.

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