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Anandana Nadhavajhala
Anandana Nadhavajhala.jpeg

Anandana is a devoted Yogi and teach Yoga to all age groups in London with a special focus on children - both for specially abled and teenagers. She believes Yoga has the power to shape the future and build character in children. She is making efforts to spread the knowledge of this ancient science in London by teaching Yoga to children, supporting women undergoing menopause and people with health and well-being challenges for over last 3 years.


She has over 400 hours of teachers training in Hath yoga style of teaching from the Bihar School of Yoga and practice Ashtanga and Vinaya forms as well. She has been using all 3 forms with her students based on needs and suitability. For instance, while she starts with Hath Yoga with most students, she transition the students to Ashtanga and Vinyasa forms once  they have achieved a certain level of skilled expertise.  On the other hand, for special needs    children she only uses Hath Yoga form of instruction as it is very therapeutic and at the same time strengthens their muscles. 


She has over 100 students and is consistently working with them to make their lives better. This is reflected in the testimonials by her students.

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