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Amber Sound Healing

My name is Amber D’Aniello. I am a certified therapeutic sound healer (BAST GSRT) using adrum, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls,percussions, chimes and bellsduring my sound baths,to lull you into a deep relaxation.


I began my sound healing journey in early 2020 and have just run my first Sound Healing Immersive Retreat local to me. It was hugely successful, and I already have people booked in for the next one in September.


Sound healing has given me the tools to navigate life in a more self-reflective way, allowing me to grow and expand as a human.Research has shown that there are many health benefits to spending regular periods of time in a deep relaxed state.


Sound healing is said to promote physical and psychological healing by putting your body into the parasympathetic state, also known as the rest and digest part of the nervous system. It is the state in which our bodies naturally repair and heal. The opposite of fight or flight. 


Clients have said they leave feeling rested and supported, their mind, body and spirit calmed.  People sometimes felt rejuvenated & energised, with a huge sense of wellbeing. Built-up stress, overwhelm or exhaustion may clear.


Come and find me in the Healers area to find out what it does for you. 


There will be sound healing sessions in my cosy bell tent every morning, afternoon and evening. 


Go to to book a session. 

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