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Amarjeet Bhamra

Amarjeet is a lecturer, practitioner and author on India’s Traditional Sciences. He has a strong interest in health, wellbeing and the environment and believes in the power of nature to help us all heal. He has contributed, authored and published many articles, interviews, consumers’ guides, and books on healthcare.


Amarjeet also believes in a holistic approach that enshrines the body, mind and soul, aiming to treat the cause not just the symptom of the disease thus helping the body release its healing potential. The aim of any holistic application is to empower the patients through knowledge and education so as to help them make informed choices and prudent decisions.


A long-time champion of Complementary and Alternative Medicines, he recently led a very successful national campaign in the UK to save herbal medicines by launching a million-strong petition in direct response to the European Union’s Traditional Herbal Medicines Products Directive.


Over fed but under nourished. Ayurveda advocates that food is our first medicine. A holistic lifestyle develops our pure inner nature and diet plays an important part in this process. Amarjeet will be leading a series of workshops on Ayurveda’s understanding of food for body, mind and soul.

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