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Viera Labatova
Viera Labatova.png

Originally from Croatia, Viera is a qualified pre-school teacher and school club educator. She has trained as a Specialist Yoga and movement therapy teacher for children with Autism and other developmental and learning challenges with Yotism, who she is currently representing. She is also extensively trained as a Yoga teacher for children and families with Rainbow Kids Yoga. Her newest skills and qualifications with Yotism are in Reflex Yoga therapy. This is a neuro-developmental style of Yoga/ Movement Therapy that includes a set of reflex integration movements targeting and resetting the nervous system. With this combination, full brain activation occurs, and the door to learning and integration opens naturally. Viera has been teaching Movement and Mindfulness/ Yoga in many schools across London in a group setting, as well as on one to one basis for the last 5 years. She is fun, vibrant and children are drawn to her calm energy.

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