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Zenthai Shiatsu

Zenthai Shiatsu is a floor based clothes on bodywork therapy combining Thai massage, Shiatsu and osteopathic techniques, all looked through the lens of TCM 5 Elements. By incorporating rhythmic pressure, stretches, joint mobilisation, and energy work, Zenthai Shiatsu aims to restore the free flow of vital energy or Qi throughout the body, facilitating self-healing and relaxation.

We create a beautiful healing space for nervous systems to wind down, breathe fully and release into flowing body poetry. Our extensive experience covers anatomy, traditional chinese medicine, energywork, breath, the internal arts and shamanic journey. This means we meet you where you're at, and your intention creates the session.

Whether you need a pit stop refuel to get you back dancing, you're ready to release what's no longer serving, or you're searching for a deep journey into your breath and body, we are waiting with deep grounded presence and loving touch.

Take some time for yourself, or book us both together with a friend or partner!

Valentina specialises also in pre-natal treatments therefore mamas to be are very welcome.

To book your session in advance connect with us on
WHATSAPP 07570978922
INSTAGRAM @lovingawarenessbodytherapy

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