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My name is Pallavi, a Yoga teacher and a Specialist Physiotherapist. I
will be offering a plethora of services with my friend Andres.

Considering the effects of stress on the somatic or physical body and
nervous system, we offer supportive and accessible techniques that you
can inculcate into your daily routine and enhance your wellbeing.
Sessions with Pallavi: Yoga therapy, Physiotherapy, Cupping therapy,
Breathwork, Mindfulness, Meditation initiation, Reiki healing.
Personalised sessions as per your condition and goals. Follow up
support available and your program will be emailed.

Sessions with Andres: Energetic cleansing + mantra protective shield (Kavacham).
Vedic Astrology Session + Ayurvedic advice for herb intake and
lifestyle + Personal Mantra + Chakra reading + Planetary Periods + PDF
File with all the above mentioned.

We are excited to meet you at the World Yoga Festival.

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