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Lauren Purdy - Astrological Readings

My name is Lauren and I offer astrological consultations that facilitate a process of self-discovery.

Astrology is a magical and artful tool that can help us develop perspective on the soul’s intended lessons and experiences within this lifetime.

During a session we can explore endless topics, including questions surrounding relationships, career, family and money.

During my readings, I don’t impose my fixed ideas about the meanings of the symbols. Rather, I use astrology to invite you into self-inquiry. These esoteric symbols (signs, planets, houses, etc.) are living energies within us that we can choose to work with and connect to.

It is a map that can aid us in navigating our life journey and in finding our calling and purpose. It can also shed some light on the opportunities for healing that we have during this particular lifetime. It can be so affirming for individuals to gain insight into their suffering and/or past experiences from the vantage-point of the planets, knowing that it is, in some mysterious way, all part of the cosmic order.

I see astrology readings as an opportunity to dive deep into the soul and its connection to the greater whole. I don’t believe in putting people in boxes or in predicting specific futures or outcomes. I work on the premise that we each have freewill, and astrology reflects the choices and opportunities open to us. It’s a sacred language that can connect us to our divinity within and help us to remember our innate power and potential. This map can be used to navigate the time period we are living through and to provide meaningful context for our experiences.

My work as an astrologer is as a guide and companion as you undertake this journey of discovery for yourself. My hope is that, during a session, we can start to make some sense of the seeming senselessness and remember that it is all divine.

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