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Boba's Plants

Ready made gardens for your carefully crafted Boho Home! Purveyor of surreal shrubs, contagious succulents and incredible cacti, matched to their creative planter pot, providing perfect placement for any avid, adventurous or starting out first time plant parent.

I sell succulents and cacti, some of which I grow from seeds or cuttings in Surrey, potted in creative and unusual planters some of which I cast in cement or resin, others are sourced from artisans across the UK or reusing everyday items as pots promoting well-being and re-use of common household items that might normally find their way in charity shops or at the bottom of a box at a car-boot sale on it's inevitable journey to finish its destiny as landfill, so in a small way, I am promoting re-use as the driver of my sustainability efforts.

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