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The Lotus Hut

At the Lotus Hut we use bespoke, traditional massage techniques to encourage sources of vitality from deep within the body and to release ingrained stress and tensions from over-used and under-loved muscles. This space is for you to experience self awareness through a mind-body connection. I welcome you to this space.


Deep Tissue Massage
This involves progressive manipulation of the deep layers of tissue within the body. It helps to break down adhesions and enhances circulation whilst lengthening and releasing muscles that feel strained.

Invigorating head massage

A deeply invigorating arm, chest, neck, face and scalp treatment. It helps to stimulate the release of hormones and enzymes responsible for the growth of the brain. It refreshes and relaxes the muscles and mind at the same time being deliciously tranquil.

Rejuvenating facial massage
This Intricate massage naturally lifts whilst activating deep centres of the brain, reflex points, meridians and facial circulation to soothe the body. Tension in the neck, shoulders and face are freed and energy is rebalanced from head to toe.

Traditional Head massage
In this treatment you will stay seated in a chair either with a towel around your body or clothed. Vigourous massage techniques to the arms, hands, back, neck and head release tension, restoring balance and inner harmony to the mind, body and spirit to improve the health and wellbeing of the individual.

Therapeutic massage
A gentler massage focusing on deep relaxation. This treatment aims to invoke a sense of deep peace and tranquility using a range of techniques and warmed oil to calm and center the mind and body

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