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Swami Svatmananda

Swami Svatmananda Saraswati has been a disciple of Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati since 2003, and completed an intense study of Vedanta in a traditional three-year course in 2007. Swami Svatmananda has devoted his life to Vedic knowledge. He has travelled great distances in order to learn from the foremost experts in many Vedic disciplines. He counsels individually and lectures to groups worldwide on Hatha yoga, Meditation, Jyotisha (Vedic astrology), Ayurveda (Vedic medicine), Vastu (Vedic architecture), Sanskrit language and Vedanta.


Swami Svatmananda’s experiences of living and working in four different continents gives him an exceptional ability to connect with people from varied backgrounds during his lectures. His rare combination of innate skills, broad life experience and dedicated study translates into a uniquely comprehensive approach to teaching and applying Vedic wisdom in modern times.

Yoga is not just about Asana practice. Yoga is a whole lot more than just performing a series of Asana sequences. Asana is but, an elementary practice to prepare the body and mind for a higher and noble pursuit, which once attained, gives us what we all have been looking for throughout time. In the following series of two lectures, Swami Svatmananda will expound on the deeper meaning of Yoga based on Lord Krishna’s advise to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita.

Karma (Action-based) Yoga

Commonly misinterpreted as free labor in an ashram or performing charity work, Swami Svatmananda will establish that Karma yoga is about cultivating an “Attitude Adjustment” in dealing with the daily trials and tribulations in one’s life. Once the “Attitude Adjustment” is accomplished, then one gains the necessary qualifications to pursue the ultimate teachings revealed in the Upanisads.

Jnana (Knowledge-based) Yoga:

A stress-free, stable and steady mind-set is a necessary requirement to help one begin a profound journey of self-discovery. A prepared mind-set under the tutelage of a well-trained teacher, leads one through a contemplative process of understanding clearly the nature of oneself and of the universal nature, which are both one and the same. 

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