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An immersive, natural Nordic experience. All spa sessions last for 50 mins give access to a wood-fired hot tub and sauna. Hot tubs can accommodate 6 people (comfortably) or 8 people maximum. You can either book an exclusive-use group session for 6-8 of your own guests or you can buy a single ticket for a space in a shared hot tub. Children are allowed only in exclusive-use sessions when accompanied by an adult. The sauna is suitable for ages 16+ only.


Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your allotted time slot to give yourselves time to change. You will need to bring a bathing suit (sorry no skinny dipping!), sandals/flip flops and towel. You will have access to the changing and hanging facilities.


You can purchase drinks and snacks from the tub. Hot tubs are emptied and cleaned daily and sanitised in between each booking to ensure hygiene standards are met and maintained across the whole weekend.


All sessions are 50 minutes in duration and give access to your hot tub plus the sauna. Please note: Spa session tickets do not include admission to the event - admission to World Yoga Festival must be purchased in addition to spa tickets.


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