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Sonali Banerjee
Sonali Banerjee.png

Sonali is co-founder of World Yoga Festival and has had an interest in meditation and healing for a long time. Even when she was a little girl she used to sit and meditate. In the past, she has healed her own children with Homeopathy, Aromatherapy and Bach flower remedies. She used to make her own massage oil mixtures using essential oils to cure a variety of ailments. This interest led to her going deeper and she became a Cranial Sacral therapist and a Reiki Master. She is currently undertaking a 5-year course on Advaita Vēdantā.

Cooking is one of her big interests. She has always loved cooking and she thinks that cooking with love allows healing with food. After her recent trip to South India for Ayurveda Pancha Karma, her cooking interest was re-energised and she shares her recipes freely.

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