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Sika Deer

​Emerging over 20 years ago, at the forefront of tribal music in the 80’s, Sika leapt into the UK music scene and was immediately recognized as a gifted Didjeridoo player. Through merging ancient and contemporary instruments, Sika’s music crosses the lines between world, ambient dance and acoustic trance , with a deep sense of reverence.His instrument bundle includes the Didjeridoo, Taos Drum, Shells, Ocarinas, Rattles and Shakers, Hoop Drums, Native American Flutes, as well as synths and electronica.Initially coming from a background of fine art and photography, Sika’s life is based on the medicine wheel teachings, emphasising that we are here to walk in balance and beauty within ourselves and nature. In his shows and concerts, Sika shares anecdotes and stories based on personal experiences, plus a wealth of information, facts and wisdom relating to the instruments and the cultures they originated from. Sika has recorded 4 solo albums and participated on countless collaborations. He makes annual appearances at festivals all over North and South Island NZ, as well as Australia and in the UK. The connection with our ancestors and  ancient knowledge is a key to see into the Dreamtime of our planet.Sika will lead us on a sound journey at World Yoga Festival on Sunday 9th July 2017.

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