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Sculptmode equates to superior athleisure apparel for males and females alike. The performance range incorporates all of the latest technologies required to help you on your way to breaking boundaries and pushing yourself to the limit. Not only for just sweaty activities, the garments are made to be worn to and from your spin/ HIIT classes as well as when you're out and about. The term athleisure best describes the range Sculptmode entails, from being able to handle the most intense situations to chilling out and meeting up with friends at the coffee house. The Sculpted fit of the apparel is a key feature that provides the body with agile and wonderfully flexible support.



Sculptmode is looking to be as carbon neutral as possible from a 360° point of view. This means that from across the supply chains to the product being delivered to your door carbon emissions are actively reduced and offset to ensure that the welfare and air quality is not affected adversely by Sculptmode. The Sculptmode Black Series coming very soon will be made using only organic fibres and recycled materials which will have a hugely positive impact on both social and environmental factors globally.



Sculptmode will donate 10% of profits to the World Wildlife Fund in varying projects globally that we feel maybe small but will have a larger beneficial impact on our planet. This is our way of going one step further to help sustain the amazing eco-diversity we have alongside reducing our carbon emissions and in turn the health of the world. The project we are specifically investing in for the current calendar year in the WWF is the snow leopard protection programme.

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