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Satyavati Ma
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Satyavati Ma started her journey as a spiritual teacher when she extensively researched on the effects of meditation on the human mind and subtle system more than 30 years ago during the course of her higher studies after graduation. Over years of practice, observation and teaching, she perfected a simple and unique type of meditation known as ‘Satya Meditation’. She has now been imparting the knowledge of meditation in India and globally for over three decades. In 2002, she set up the Light of Life Trust (‘LOLT’), a non-profit organisation whose primary objective has been nurturing disadvantaged children, destitute women and tending and caring for senior citizens and the terminally ill. LOLT has earned global accolades for its work, and a testimony of her significant work and the success of LOLT is that she is the third largest fund raiser in TMM 2019 and has been awarded the Change Legend status.

She has also shared the profound knowledge of meditation in the form of stress management workshops, sharing the benefits of meditation to many across the globe. Some of the eminent institutions where she has conducted meditation and stress management workshops include the Capital Hill, Washington D.C. Rayburn House, Office Building (Congressional Office Building for the U.S. House of Representatives), Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, The Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Google Inc. (San Francisco), Vodafone India Ltd. (Mumbai), Reliance Industries Limited, Nokia (UAE) and Barclays Technology Centre India Pvt. Ltd. (Pune). Amongst others, she has also imparted her knowledge to students, through various sessions at the University of Connecticut, School of Medicine, Princeton Center of Yoga & Health, New Jersey, Kendriya Vidyalaya (Nepal-Kathmandu) and many schools and colleges in Mumbai. Her steadfast commitment to her work led her to set up the Satyavati Spiritual Foundation in 2009, with the objectives of creating an organisation dedicated to meditation, counselling and healing. She has cured individuals globally by correcting subtle imbalances in their nervous system.

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