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Sara Fusaro

Sarah Walters is a passionate mindfulness teacher who, through her committed personal practice, has seen the transformative impact that living mindfully can have in people’s lives. Sarah is a full time mindfulness facilitator and practitioner, based in South East London. She runs introductory mindfulness sessions, as well as tailored one day workshops and full mindfulness courses for adults who want to improve their wellbeing, teaching proven techniques which can be practiced in daily life. Sarah is a member of the Mindfulness Association and adheres to the UK Network for Mindfulness Based Teachers Good Practice Guidelines for teaching mindfulness-based courses.

Sarah emphasises the importance of compassion, both towards others and towards oneself. She has worked with – among others - public sector employees, adults who are carers, individuals with mental health diagnoses and people with drug and alcohol issues. Sarah has recently delivered a Mindfulness Course for Big Issue vendors and outreach staff in London.

Sarah has had a personal mindfulness practice since 2005 and founded Heart Un Limited ( in 2011 to share the benefits of practicing mindfulness with others. Sarah's teaching has been described as clear, compassionate and warm. Participants on Sarah's courses have reported improved sleep, increased focus and decreased stress levels as a result of adopting the practices learned during the course, as well as positive changes in their relationships with themselves and others.

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