Sarah Salmon
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Sarah Salmon was first introduced to yoga in her teens through her Mum and has been practicing in some form or other ever since. Motherhood bought a deeper experiencing of the practices’ healing benefits along with a desire to help her children traverse life’s challenges in an holistic a way as possible and Sarah’s business, Brilliant Beings, was consequently born in 2013. Since then Sarah has been enjoying offering lighthearted mindfulness sessions for wellbeing to children, their parents, carers and teachers in a variety of settings. Over time these wonderful children have taught Sarah that what they essentially need is to feel grounded and safe in this physical existence, and sessions have come to intuitively incorporate a mixture of elements including yoga, breath and sense awareness, relaxation techniques, creativity and self expression through craft, art and photography. Sarah also became a Reiki Master in 2019 after 10 years of practice with this gentle, natural healing energy and is forever in wonder at the transformations it can bring to clients, adult and child alike.