Sandra Barnes

Sandra started her yoga journey in her early 20s after completing a P.E. degree in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her home country - leaving soon after to travel and explore the earth's mysteries. Her sessions commence with a grounding, awakening warm up. The power of breath, positive affirmations, guided meditations, beautiful visualisations, empowering mantras and mudras are all woven together with nourishing movement and are offered through a theme to anchor the practise and mind. Her unbounded energy and wealth of experience makes each session an eclectic mix of many influences. Her accent, soothing voice and words from the heart cannot be forgotten. With Sofia Barnes, the mother-daughter duo together create, organise and facilitate workshops, retreats and immersive transformative, yoga, meditation and well being 'Yogaventure' holidays around the UK and internationally.


'The Goddess within'

'Come connect to the gifts of the feminine and honour your inner Shakti, through juicy, nourishing movement. We will journey through the chakras and what each energy centre represents in our dance through life. Together sharing a journey into our own inner rhythm and flow. Culminating with a deep relaxation and soothing sound bath using lavender eye pillows. Suitable for all.

'Sharing is Caring - Playful Partner yoga & massage'
In this practise, you will find, how by joyfully working together and opening up to share your space with others, you can achieve a much deeper stretch and more optimum asana experience. We shall be connecting, not just to one another, but to the prana within and around us with a focus on the energy exchange of giving and receiving. Together we will create our own human mandala, bringing us all closer, as one. Massage and touch will be woven into and practiced throughout the workshop. People will then be invited to journey on a guided meditation culminating with a sound bath, using lavender eye pillows. Suitable for all.

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