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Sandra Barnes
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Sandra is a free spirited yogini from Argentina, where her yoga journey started in her early 20's. Leaving soon after to experience, explore & live in many countries until her children began school, which brought her to settle here in the UK. Where she has now been sharing yoga for 24 years. She offers a unique earthy style & her soothing accent, voice & words from the heart cannot be forgotten. Creating & holding space for others through workshops, classes, retreats & ceremonies, you can often find her sharing alongside her daughter Sofia who follows in her footsteps.
A few years ago together they birthed Love All Ways Yoga ~  Their offerings are a weaving together of nourishing embodied movement, positive affirmations, guided meditations, beautiful visualisations, ceremony & sound journeys. Connecting people to their inner rhythm & fluidity, inviting creativite expression & freedom to feel & flow intuitively. Believing that when we take the time to come home to our selves & drop into the present moment, we are gifted a greater sense of belonging & love. They truly believe in the medicine & power, gathering in togetherness with like minded souls to open & receive shares. Holding cacao ceremonies with alchemy dance journeys have become one of their favourite offerings & creating safe sacred spaces for women to gather & share & celebrate their shakti is a passion of theirs. You can find their sharings at an array of yoga festivals & gatherings as well as their 'YogaVentures' across the globe.


'Shakti Flow Yoga' with Sandra

Ignite your inner Shakti as we celebrate the gifts of the divine feminine ~ The energy that dances & births all things into being. Shake ~ Feel ~ Flow & Express your uniqueness. Alchemise your dreams & desires into being & beyond through juicy, nourishing movement, woven together with positive affirmations, guided meditations & beautiful visualisations.  Together we will journey through the chakras & what each energy centre represents in our flow through life. Creating a revitalising & empowering experience, culminating with a deep relaxation & soothing sound journey. Everyone welcome ~Men welcome too!


'Yoga Nidra & Sound journey' with Sandra

Be guided on a journey of awareness, with words as your ship voyaging through the body with love. Relaxing & recalibrating. Nesting & resting. Cosy & comfy. With a soothing sounds from an array of healing instruments used throughout to leave you drifting dreamily ready for bed. Everyone welcome ~ Bring cosy items & layers!

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